Le réseautage au pouvoir synergique – Together for Synergistic Results


How to view the site in English or French?

You can access the English version of the site by clicking on "English" at the top right of the page. To access the French version of the website, click on "Français".

How to log in to the site?

To log in, simply click "Log in with LinkedIn", which is the easiest since you do not need to create (or use) a username or password. Alternatively, you can log in by creating an account via the "Register" link, found under the username and password fields. Once your account is created and you are logged in, you can register for any event without issue.

How to register for an event?

Register for an event by clicking the "Register Now" button. Once completed, you will automatically receive your email receipt for registration.

How to see the guest list for an event?

To see the guest list, just click the "Guest List" button for a specific event, after you have logged in to our site.


How to I get more information about your yearly membership, including how to purchase and how to renew?


Please visit http://biotechannecto.com/membership for more information about the yearly membership we offer.


How do I sign up for email announcements for a specific city?


Depending on the city for which you wish to receive updates, please click on the appropriate city name to sign up: MontrealTorontoOttawaParisVancouver