Le réseautage au pouvoir synergique – Together for Synergistic Results


Who can attend regular BioTech Annecto Events?


BioTech Annecto is open for professionals working in the life sciences sector. In our events we strive to keep professionalism at the highest level in order to best serve our membership. For this reason all our members must fulfill at least TWO of the following criteria.


1- You must have over 1 year of work experience in the life sciences sector


2- You must be currently employed or professionally involved with the life sciences sector


3- You must NOT be a current full time undergraduate or postgraduate student


If you are student and you feel that you can contribute to our membership please send us your CV and a 100 word statement explaining how you can contribute to our membership.


BioTech Annecto is also hosting student-specific events.

Benefits of paid membership


The membership fee includes free entrance to all regular networking events. Furthermore, the annual membership fee of $65 includes a number of corporate discounts (click here for more details).


Yearly membership also confers discounts for non-regular events (such as the Christmas party). For co-hosted events, any benefits are dependent per event (so please consult event-specific information in this case).


For those who wish to pay per event, there is an early bird special, a discounted price valid up to 48 hours prior to the event. After that period the regular rate will apply.


How to purchase membership


You can purchase your membership online. To do so, please log in to our website and go to "My Profile" (link located at the top right of the page) and then click on the "Buy Membership" button.


Once payment is confirmed, you will be able to register for all regular events at no additional cost. You will also receive automatically your receipt via email.


How to renew membership


To renew your membership, please wait till your current membership expires and then simply follow the membership purchase procedure above.


Duration and cost of membership


Membership is on a yearly basis and expires a year after signup. Cost is $65 for one year.